VERY VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 6, 2008

Ok so here we have a BEAUTIFUL  cat. Her name is Mocha. Tonight I got to go and meet her in person. I can’t describe how beautiful this cat is. Green eyes to die for. I am gonna say calico long haired. She is grey, tan, white, brown and more. The picture I am gonna put up is not going to do her justice. I will have to get better pics. The lucky person who adopts her (I am sure) will have no expenses to get her where she needs to go. There will also be vet visit to make sure she is ready to travel. I went to see her and I did not see too many issues. I am going to be upfront with you. Her current mom says she is not good with kids. So I (we) are hoping that maybe a single person or family with no kids or older kids. Also someone who has great patience. When I was there she basically laid under the table and did not much of anything. She does not care to be held but did tolerate it. She did let me know with a little talking and shaking. She was scared but there were also three strangers in her house. We think she feels like she is the alpha so a one or no kitty home would work. There was no interaction between the two cats while I was there. She was very hesitant to take food from my hand but did eat the hamburger I set down. She did not care for the cheese though. Picky, picky. She did before the end of the night come to me when fingers were calling. She did purr and it was so nice. I think after she got used to me she was loving the attenton for a few minutes. I think she will do wonderful for someone who wants someone to hang with and some one who is patience. Please get this info out to everyone you know. She needs to find a home. I believe it will take time and she will be a great friend to some one. I also want to add she might be an inside/outside cat. She seems to do fine inside but looks like she longs to have the chance to be out. We need to find her a home. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mocha         Mocha Mocha Mocha     I forgot to say she did get playful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



August 16, 2007

OK so I have been sitting here at work, feeling my heart break. I would love to get some advise from anyone out there that has had a broken heart. I can not stop crying. I have never felt like this for anyone in my life. I thought I was in love once but not like this. I don’t want to sit everyday crying I need to get over this. Any advise would be great. Thank you. Have a great day.


November 9, 2006

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Well the picture thing is not working. I can always try later on. I have found out the grey cat is a boy. The smaller kitten is a girl and the orange one with the striped bent tail is also a girl. I can not tell on the black and white one because it is tooooo fluffy. I can say that they have all gained a lot of weight in the past 2 months. They are getting fed on a regular basis. I haven’t seen a couple of cats in a while and am getting concerned for them. Female orange kitten. The picture thing is now working. That is the girl kitten. I got to pick her up last night and again this morning. She is still really scared, but I think if I keep working on holding her she will be better. I am going to work on getting a picture of the other girl with the striped tail.Striped tail Striped tailHere Striped tail she is but the computer just put that up three times. What is going on? The only thing that is going on now iss the big one she has been swatting at the other cats. Which is weird.  Here is a picture of the top of the fluffy butt I can’t tell is it is a boy or girl.Fluffy butt This cat has definately doubled in size since I got there. Well I have to go for now. Talk to you soon.

Your help is needed

November 8, 2006

Well I got home and there were four fish that didn’t make it. We brought them to the pet store along with a sapmle of the water. We have low PH and high nitrate. We are going to be fixing that. After it is all better we will get more fish to replace the ones we lost. We still have a wall sucker, catfish and a newt. We lost one wall sucker and some other fish I can’t remember what they are. I will find out later and let you know.

 Now for the helping part. There is a link for Grr,Midnight,Cocoa they are kind enough to post about the kitties that are currently at my house. The bad part is they have to leave. I would much rather they stay. I like them lots. Unfortunately it is not my decesion. There are somethings I can not control. Who knew? The whole thing is these kitties need a loving place to live. They ultimately need a furrever home but if you can even foster that would be so wonderful. You have to stop and think about the kitties. They didn’t do anything to deserve the life they have. All they want to do is give and get love. If you can help please email anyone. My email is please help.


October 31, 2006

steves-cat-155.jpgI wrote an email to the Diva Kitty and asked her for help. I can not find anywhere how to turn on the comments. I don’t even know how I turned them off. Well hopefully she will be able to help me. I could not get to sleep last night. I was up until 2:30 in the morning. I then proceeded to get up about 6:50. I really don’t think I got enough sleep. I wonder what could be keeping me up. I think maybe I could be stressed out a bit. I had to go to family court on Thursday and I had a lot of other things I could have done if I had gotten out early enough. I left about 11:00 and had a dentist appt. at 11:15. So that took about an hour. I then had to go to Westerly.  Takes about 30 min to get there.  Then I had to wait for the lady to show up. After that I had some little errands and was going to get my car registered. Well the boss bitch called my and wanted me to come in. I get out of work at 5 and this was at 2:40. What would be the point of going in for 2 hours? I just don’t understand. So now I have to take off more time to register the car. I came into work and basically did nothing for the two hours I was here. I hate this place.  Well lets see. HAPPY HALOWEEN!!!!!!!!!   I bet all the little people are excited about trick or treating. I know mine aren’t. I think I am more than they are. We have a tradition every year we go with the friends. Well they are not looking forward to that. We are actually going two or three times. It takes us about two to three hours. The funny part is I don’t give my kids candy very often at all. My mom just a couple months ago came across candy from last year. I don’t know why we go because the candy just sits around for a long time. I still have fun though. I am going as a ghost this year. I got some white fabric from work and all I have to do is cut some holes so I can see. I have only not gone twice in my lifetime. Why stop now? I just feel bad if there is no one at my house in case someone decides to stop.  Well that6 is enough out of me for now. Talk to you soon.