June 2, 2010

Well I am going to bitch about my car problems now. I have an 03 ford. I have been through three sets of brakes, numerous tires and an ignition. I have needed shocks for the longest time. I need more tires. I also have to get an oxygen sensor. I come to find out that there are four sensors on my car. There are two in the front and two in the back. So I have to figure out which one I need. The ones in the front cost 66 and the ones in the back cost 99 (a piece) so I am hoping that I only have to get one for the front.

I am also going today to get Spot’s ashes. I need to have him here at home with me and Jake. I feel so wrong not having my boys with me. It was the best 9.5 years of my life with  them. People keep telling me that I need to get indoor cats.I tell them I want my boys back. I also am not ready for any more fuzzy friends just yet. Well I gotta go for now.