VERY VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so here we have a BEAUTIFUL  cat. Her name is Mocha. Tonight I got to go and meet her in person. I can’t describe how beautiful this cat is. Green eyes to die for. I am gonna say calico long haired. She is grey, tan, white, brown and more. The picture I am gonna put up is not going to do her justice. I will have to get better pics. The lucky person who adopts her (I am sure) will have no expenses to get her where she needs to go. There will also be vet visit to make sure she is ready to travel. I went to see her and I did not see too many issues. I am going to be upfront with you. Her current mom says she is not good with kids. So I (we) are hoping that maybe a single person or family with no kids or older kids. Also someone who has great patience. When I was there she basically laid under the table and did not much of anything. She does not care to be held but did tolerate it. She did let me know with a little talking and shaking. She was scared but there were also three strangers in her house. We think she feels like she is the alpha so a one or no kitty home would work. There was no interaction between the two cats while I was there. She was very hesitant to take food from my hand but did eat the hamburger I set down. She did not care for the cheese though. Picky, picky. She did before the end of the night come to me when fingers were calling. She did purr and it was so nice. I think after she got used to me she was loving the attenton for a few minutes. I think she will do wonderful for someone who wants someone to hang with and some one who is patience. Please get this info out to everyone you know. She needs to find a home. I believe it will take time and she will be a great friend to some one. I also want to add she might be an inside/outside cat. She seems to do fine inside but looks like she longs to have the chance to be out. We need to find her a home. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mocha         Mocha Mocha Mocha     I forgot to say she did get playful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. […] ess: Here’s tha linkie to Dannie’s bloggie an a post about Mocha. Here is Danielle’s kitty, Jake, whom mine mommie is in luv wif. Ree-purrted by KC Don’t […]

  2. […] Churchill’s family is looking for a new home for Mocha and Danielle is helping her. Please check out Danielle’s blog for details.  […]

  3. Junior says:

    Meowm and I will purray for Mocha to find a great home!

  4. I bet she’s kinda like Bonnie, a one-person cat. For the right person, she’ll bloom.

    Hope you’re feeling better and the job is going well. Mom says Hampton Inns are usually pretty nice.

  5. Where is she? At least about.

    We’re planning to post her information on a Catster group or two, and maybe on their Adoption board. That sort of info is pretty much necessary.

  6. dannieb123 says:

    She lives in north kingstown rhode island
    any questions call me 401-219-2441 or email

  7. Thanks.

    We posted Mocha’s information on a Catster Adoption forum, and the BOCU group (very large, very active). No guarantees anything useful will come of it, but we figured it couldn’t hurt.

  8. mlgsherwood says:

    Hi, Dannie, let me know as soon as you hear how Mocha is.
    I’ll post her on 7th Heaven as soon as I can get back into Blogger, it’s not working right now.

  9. Monica says:

    Danielle I sure hope you can find a home for Mocha. She is a cute kitty. I hope you are feeling better now. Are you on any medication along with your counciling?? Hope you are doing well with your job. We have a Hampton Inn in our little town of Red Bluff. Take care O.K. Prayers and God Bless.

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