November 26, 2007

Ok so I have not been doing anything for about 3 months now. I have been having some problems getting out of bed to get myself motivated. I have also been having lots of leg pain. I was talking to my mom ans she is telling me that that is how she found out she has gout. So I am going to ask a doctor about getting a blood test done. Well on the other hand Thanksgiving was greaqt. There were no complications with the family. Everyone got along surprise surprise. That was really cool I was happy about that. I am sure everyone else was to. Things are going well with Todd. Its kinda a weird thing. Not bad but weird.Oh I almst forgot I have to tell this to you. Our cat gabriel ran away back in May. Well my mom had a dream she came home (at about 5am) well I am upstairs at about 5pm my kids are utside playing. My mom screams fmy name. I thought for sure she was going to say one of the kids was injured. I jumped up and ran downstairs expecting to see a bloody kid. I get  down there and she tells me that Gbby cam home. Oh my god I think that was the best thing that could have happened to this family at the time. Gabriel is my mom’s most favorite cat. I guess that was a vision and not a dream. She said they way it really happened was the same as the way in the dream. So now everyone (cat) is all weird. She hisses and growls at everyone, everyone sniffs her trying to find out who she is and where she was. Can you believe she came back after 6 months. That is awesome. jake and spot have been real cute as well. I think I will let them tell you. They will be making posts in the next day or two. Well I am gonna go for now I will talk to you all soon. Have a great day.Gabby

Can not forget this man Jazz man He is celebrating his one year gotcha day. (Nov. 25) A little late sorry.dsc00015.jpg