So I woke up this morning and thought I really don’t want to get up. Then I realized I only have to do it 6 more times. I am really excited about that. I found out today the kids bus comes at 8:10 down the road a little bit. They are going to be excited about taking the bus. I have heard a few times over the last few days God (your higher power) does not give you anything you can’t handle. I guess I must be doing just that. I am extremely stressed out and not sure of what is to happen. I have always been in control of what I am doing. Just like they say in A A turn it over to a power greater than yourself. Also I am not the one who is really in control of my life. God or my higher power is.  Ok so I got another thing going on. For about 4-6 weeks I have not been eating during the day (not by choice) and eating dinner when I get home. So about a week ago I was starving and ate at noon time. Shortly after that I puked (not by choice) now that has happened two more times. I am thinking I need to see a doctor. I am the type of person that LOVES to eat and HATES puking. So there has got to be something going on in my mind. That is the only explination I can come up with. I hope what ever it is stops soon. I have also lost about 37 pounds since this started. I am thinking it could be stressed related. Well maybe with all this change going on that will change to. Well I gotta go for now have a great day.

Radcliff, Allie, Luna and Ozzie: Thanks for your imput! Much appreciated.


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  1. Karen C. says:

    It sounds like stress to me. Did you see the doctor? How are you now? I haven’t been able to keep up with friends recently with the 3 furry temporary (?) additions to my household and work and a friend dying of cancer and now my aunt just had a stroke yesterday, plus the kids started school (Kelly’s home-schooled, which means I’m the teacher as soon as I get home). EXHAUSTING! But I’m worried about you and hoping you’re doing well. Please let me know.

    Oh, if you want to smile, check out my baby kitten pictures. If you can’t access the pictures on the blog, I’ll send them to you.

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