Ok so things have calmed down a bit. I am not as freaked out about everything. Todd an I have been talking. I am having his family over for dinner and we can talk about the whole situation then. I have also been talking to lots of people about the job thing. I might start cleaning houses for a living. That way I could make my own hoours and it would be a cash job. I do realize that I would have to probably pay taxes at the end of the year because you can’t have taxes taken out. If I really like doing that maybe it could turn into a business. I just hope that something good happens. I am still rather confused about life right now. I found out that my brother is moving out the week of the first. I knew he was planning on it but it is so soon. I also found out that my younger sister is flying out to San Fran I believe it is the same week. So my mom will be staying at her place while she is gone. I am gonna have a three bedroom house all to myself. Wow it is gonna be weird. I have had a three bedroom place before but it was a shit hole not a place to call a home. So lots of stuff going on in two weeks. My uncle’s b-day is coming up and I am gonna give him a call and wish him well. I haven’t talked to him in just about a year. His last b-day. I went up to the cape for his party. I am thinking about going up again for a visit. It kinda sucks that sometimes you only think of family when something happens. Well that is how it is for my family anyway. I gotta go now so have a great day.


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  1. For whatever it might be worth…

    At least a few years ago, you needed to make estimated quarterly tax payments, for both income tax and Social Security. If nothing else, it would probably be worth talking to a tax accountant or someone comparable to make sure you aren’t going to end the year with penalties larger than your yearly income.

    Assuming, of course, you intend to pay all your taxes even if all your income is in tax. 🙂

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