Ok so I talked to that asshole last night. He was saying that it was all my fault that we don’t have a thing going on anymore. What a piece of work. He was also telling me that he really does respect and love me. I told him if he did then he wouldn’t have done what he did. Just like guys to turn it around so they have no fault. I told him that I didn’t even want to be friends with him. I was being kinda mean to him on the phone and he tells me not to be. I said so basically its ok for you to treat me this way and be mean but I have to sit back and take it and be nice. Well I did get some frustration out. One thing I know I will miss is hanging out with the kids. I would really like to continue that relationship if possible. I feel really bad for them. They lost their uncle 3 days after the four year anniversary of their mothers death. They are going through hell. I just wish there was something I could do for them. So I have to see him this afternoon then again on Sunday. I think after that I will only have to see him one more time to get the money he owes me. I really don’t think I will be getting that money. I think I fucked myself in that aspect. But you never know he just might surprise me and actually pay the debt. Well I gotta go for now. Have a great day.


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