Ok so here I am. Well things are getting better with Todd. We are working through the problems. I started counceling a few weeks back. I never made the appt. with the Peter guy. I found someone else that I am real happy with. I have also started on wellbutrin. I haven’t noticed any changes yet though. It has only been two weeks, I guess it takes a bit longer. I can say that I am not suicidal at this point but am still real depressed. I want to thank all my friends for your thought, concerns, prayers and purrs. That has helped me out knowing I have such good friends out there. Now I have this news and it makes me really confused because it is not good. I found out that my state child care is going to end at the end of the month. I make 171.84 too much a year. That is complete bullshit. I am going to do many different things. I am going to see about haveing a meeting with the most important person in the company (in RI) to see if she would be willing to let me work 9-2:30 that way I could still make some money and wouldn’t have to worry about child care. The kids would be in school and I wouldn’t need it. I don’t know how realistic that is but its worth a shot. I could also ask for a pay decrease. It would only take .09 cents an hour.  I am not sure if I would be willing to stay even though that is such a small amount. I could also get a part time job somewhere else. I have a few options and just am not sure what I am going to do. I still have til the end of the month. I brought Jake and Spot over to Todd’s place last week. Spot was wandering around checking things out and trying to fight the kitten, I didn’t let him. Jake just found a nice cozy hiding spot and didn’t come out at all. They stayed for about an hour then I brought them home. I mostly just wanted to see how they would react to the kitten and vice versa. Jake really doesn’t like change and would prefer not to ever leave our house and yard. He’s getting to be a big fatty. I will have to take some pictures and put them up. Spot is still a nice lean and long boy. Well I have to get some work done. Have a great day.


2 Responses to 18

  1. divakitty says:

    Keeping you in our thoughts

  2. Emma's Kat says:

    You know you are in my thoughts and prayers as well Dannie. I don’t always leave a comment, but I check back often in hopes of a new post. Keep ya head up! I guess there’s no getting child support from their dad? TAke care! Your fuzz sis

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