Hello Out There

June 28, 2007

Well I have been away for quite a while and still don’t have much of anything to say. I had an ok weekend because something happened. I was at a meeting on Saturday night. One of my kids comes running to me saying I have to come see something. So I follow him out there ( I think it was Benjamin) and there is this kitty. This cat looked OLD and was emmaciated. So I did what I thought was right. I brought her to the police station for animal control. Well needless to say they were closed and I had to wait til morning. So I brought her home. My mom said no way could the cat come in the house. So feeling bad but doing it anyway I left her in the car overnight. I gave her food and she acted like it was a long time since she had food. So in the morning I gave her more and she didn’t seem as interested. She ate and drank that night so I wasn’t too concerned that she wasn’t interested. She really wanted to get out of the car. So We head ove to the police station again. I dropped her off and they said I could check on her later. So I waited until Wednesday to call and see how things went. I called and the lady that i talked to was only a part timer and wasn’t sure. She said she would look into it and call me back. About five minutes later she calls back. She tells me that the cat has an owner and they live not to far from where I found her. The cat had been missing for three weeks. I am so happy that things worked out that way. So is the mom. Well that is my biggest adventure. I am still job hunting. I put in an application at the police station for a dispatcher job. The next town over. I have not heard so I am going to go in person tomorrow just to see if it has been filled. Well that’s about all from me. Have a great day and take care.



June 5, 2007

So I have not been writing much of anything at all. I am still here fighting this damn depression. I have an appt to see someone but not til the 22nd. I am not sure if I can wait that long. Even sitting here writing I am on the edge of crying. I don’t know know if I can deal with it for tat long. Things are kinda fucked up with me and the guy I got a thing going on with. I can’t really get into it but I just wish it would go back to the way it started out as. I feel that has a lot to do with the cause of the depression. I have not really been eating I have been loosing weight. I feel like drinking I have even been suicidial. I even started taking birth control that is not great for me. There has been research done on it and they say not to be on it for more than two years. I was on it for 5 so I had to sign a waiver to get the shot. I do not care about that. My concern is I did it for him and I’m not sure what he wants. I KNOW what I want. I have to chair the meeting on Wednesday night I think that might help. I don’t know. I have also been considering taking pills (any kind) to help me out. I can’t stand beng like this. It has been so long since I have felt good. I have also been trying to just get rid of my feelings but it hard with the fucking depression. I wold so love to just not care. Turn off all feelings and go through life like a zombie. There is also shit going on at work. I am job hunting and have not had much luck so far. I am really hoping t oget out of this place. I am not getting along with the new boss lady. The other boss lady is completely out of the building and not in charge any more. I am waiting to hear about a job in a company that is hiring 39 positions. I am trying for a secretary position. The starting rate of pay is anywhere from 12-19 an hour. I think it all depends on the experience level. Well I have to go for now have a great day.