I guess 14 is where I left off. Our good friend celebrated her birthday yesterday. Yes I am talking about ML. She has been going through a rough time lately. I really hope she is doing well. I am off work tomorrow. I am gonna go job hunting. There have been too many issues here with the new boss bitch. I was sent home the other day because I was wearing sandals. Now I had been wearing them for about 2 months. So she just told me I had ti change them. I said that I had no other shoes to wear and she replied that I should not come back until I had different shoes on. Well after almost an hour and a half I came back to work. I had to wear shoes that were too small. Well that was just one example of the shit going on. Now the problem with job hunting is I don’t have much experience or have not been to school for anything. There are also not too many places around that need help. There are of course the fast food joints which I really don’t awant to get involved with. There are also restaurants. I am just not so sure I want to do that either. I did that quite a few years ago and I mean it was ok. I just am not so sure I want to do that in the summer. So I am going to go all over the place tomorrow and see what is out there. Wish me luck. Well I have to start working now so have a great day!


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