I have been going through a real deep depression for about a week now. I wanted to post before but just couldn’t. I have been trying to get into see someone but I have gotten the run around. So that gets me even worse. I hae not really been up to much since my last post. I went into the hospital because a doctor told me to. They were thinking I might have kidney stones again. It turned out to not be that. They aren’t sure. Maybe it was just a pulled muscle. Who knows. Jake and Spot are doing really well. They are happy that we are home all the time.  I am happy to be able to spend time with them I missed them.  On the other hand I miss being with the new guy. We are doing pretty good. There has been some shit going on at work. The new boss lady has changed the hours. We were working 8:30 til 5 but now it is 7:30 til 4. I guess in a way that is good. I get out an hour earlier and get more time in the afternoon with the kids. On the other hand I have to get here everyday by 7:30. That is challenging. I heard that Kat from Kat’s cat of the day is having a girl. Well CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very happy for you.  I have been reading most of my daily sites but unfortunately with the depression I haven’t wanted to read everything. I do read all the posts but not the comments. I sure do hope I get out of feeling this way real soon. Well I have to get back to work have a great day.


One Response to Depression

  1. Emma's Kat says:

    Thanks Danielle! I’m excited. Didn’t think I’d ever have a girl. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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