Start over

some days don’t you wish you could start over? I know I have days like that. Today would be the perfect day for that. Lets see it started last night. I got home and made the kids dinner no big deal. We all took showers anothere no big deal. Well come 7:30 we all got in the car including Jake. We go to the vet to get him checked out. It turns out that he is fine and I am overly concerned. I just get paranoid when he doesn’t act like himself. So of course I am gonna take him in. You all know of his history. I don’t ever want it to be like that again, so at the first sign (even if it is me being paranoid) I will get him checked out. So to get back to what is going on. I went to bed at a reasonable hour but just could not get up this morning. My alarm went off at 5:40 and I was ready to get up. Instead I said since I am this awake I can sleep for a few more minutes. Now I planned on going down for another 20 minutes. OH NO I didn’t get up for an hour. Which is kinda normal for me to be up at 6:30 at the latest. But today I had to get the kids up and have them go in the basement to get the laundry so I could rush  to get my shower. So that is how the day started. Jake all the while was right there demanding love. That I do not mind sin any way shape or form. I get in the bathroom to take a shower and now Casper will not leave me alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love her but she can be on the annoying side. After the shower she is sitting there yelling at me. I have no idea what she wants. I pet her and she just keeps looking at me and talking. So now I told the kids to be ready to go by the time I got out. Do you think they did? NO. I get in the room and they are both still in jammies. So they get dressed and we all go downstairs. Now both my kids have to run back upstairs to get whatever it is they forgot meanwhile I am trying to leave. In the midst of all this I forgot something. I was going to bring the auction items to work and have my work pay for the shipping. As I sit here typing this I just realized that might not be such a bad thing. I should find out how the winners would like their gifts sent. I think that is a good idea. SoI will ask them priority mail or UPS? So today is one of those days I would like to start over. If only I had gottwen up when I first hit the snooze button. Oh well have a great day.


6 Responses to Start over

  1. Karen C. says:

    It really doesn’t matter how you ship mine, and there’s no hurry. I used to have a problem if there was a signature needed, but not anymore. I switched Kelly to home-schooling, so she’s always here to sign for things. Relax, take your time, and stay away from the snooze button! I’m glad Jake’s fine!

  2. Karen C. says:

    By the way, I sent the payment for the bed today, but I rounded it up to $50.00. Thank you for doing this – purrrrrs!

  3. divakitty says:

    I had a shitty day as well, got a speeding ticket, missed the ferry, dropped a cup of hot tea all over me, bit my lip… I could go on, but basically it really really sucked.

    Here’s to tomorrow being a better day!

  4. divakitty says:

    Hoppy Easter Everyone!

  5. We got a scratchy mouse on Saturday! We didn’t even know we were getting a scratchy mouse – thank you!!! We love it and we’re determined to tear off its rattly tail. We haven’t done it yet, but we’re gonna! PURRRRRRRRRS!

  6. divakitty says:

    Thank you for your kind words and thoughts ~DKM

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