The auction is now closed

Grr, Midnight and Cocoa got the high bid at 35 for the convertible bed. 

Meowers from Missouri are the lucky who got the high bid of 35 for the cat cup.

Thank you to all who participated. Please send me your snail mail at

Be back soon. I will be doing another auction Monday.


3 Responses to The auction is now closed

  1. do we send the Lady’s money to you, or to Jody? and what about shipping fees? we’d be glad to pay that too. purrrrrrs!

  2. KC says:

    You can pay Jody via my Paypal account here on the Cat Blogosphere. She can’t have too many donations coming into her Paypal account (which is also listed on that page). She does have an emergency cat she rescued today, a male, who is in very bad shape. The sooner she can get the payments, the better for him. I think he is already being treated, she just needs to pay the vet bill!

  3. meower mom says:

    yay! we will acourse pay the shipping too–but how? the cat blogosphere is in limbo somewhere today!! gots an alternative? we knows the $$ has gotta get there quick for the new kitty’s care.

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