Aution now up and running

I have decided to auction both of the beds. I had a couple people say they like the heated bed and a few more saying they like the other. So I have decided to do both.

bed 1 for auction

Above here we have a catnip convertible bed. I read the costumer reviews and they were really good. They said that their cats liked it the moment it came in the house and that no catnip was needed. I am sure though that most cats would LOVE the catnip aspect. Below we have the self-warming bed. I also read the reviews and they were just as god as the first one.

cat bed 2 for auction

So I am going to ask that the bidding starts at 20.00 but you can bid what you like. Just remember what the money is being raised for. I will not be making any kind of profit not even being reimbursed. So bid as high as you like knowing that ALL the proceeds are going to help our beloved friends.


13 Responses to Aution now up and running

  1. […] Danielle has two wonnerful cat beds for auction! Tha money raised will go to Jody Harmon… u’s kin read all abouts tha auctions here. she is a cat rescue-er, a furry good furriend of cats effurywhere. we’s haf some cool donated items listed ‘n i’s gonna auction off a few fings, too. Look fur tha announcmint tomorrowy. Ree-purrted by KC Don’t furget to scroll down to see ALL the posts fur the day – the last one for the day has the autolinkies! ********************* Click the pikshur or here to ree-purrt noos!   Sunday Noos « Premiere episode of Kitty-COPS |   […]

  2. Karen C. says:

    I just saw that convertible bed at PetSmart yesterday, and it looked really great. I’ll start out the bidding at $20.00 for it.

  3. Morgen says:

    My kids love the warming cup. For that one, I’ll bid $25.00
    ~ Morgen

  4. […] be offering TWO brand new, 5-star cat beds on hers bloggie. Not jus any ordinery beds, no sir-ee, but a self-heatin cat cup ‘n tha convertible catnip […]

  5. our mom bids $35 for the warming cup for ol’ arthritic nelson lapurr!

  6. Meowmepurr's Mumma says:

    When this auction ends on Saturday, I will double the amounts of the winning bids, and donate that money directly to Jody. This is in memory of our dear Flumpy, who was helped to the Bridge yesterday. He was a “drop-off”, so I want to help Jody as much as possible.

    Morgen, and Ladies–go for it!!

  7. […] finded out ’bout Flumpy when Mumma Jan posted this on mine bloggie ‘n on Danielles, under Jody’s auction: When the bidding is all done, I will double the winning bids and […]

  8. pet campbell says:

    Tigger says he would like to bid 30.00 for the catnip convertible bed…

  9. $35.00 for the convertible bed!

  10. Les Shamblin says:

    Looking to get a Xbox 360 and Kinect this Holiday season? Get yours now on DubLi’s Unique Bid Auction!!

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