I have been away for soooo long I feel like i have missed so much. I have been able to get on line occasionally but not too much. I have checked all the things I have missed but I have not been able to read the comments. Well lets see work has been close to a nightmare. I have been sick for about a mnth now. My kids also have been that way. Just this past week my son went to the doctors twice and the hospital once. He had a virus then he sprained his ankle pretty bad. The virus was Monday and the ankle was Wednesday. There was also a follow up appt on Saturday. It turns out the virus turned into an  ear infection. So with all that I had to take time out of work and the boss lady was bitching about it. I have only taken one full day off this year so far. I have taken a few half days and then some random time here and there. She is complaining that I am not caught up on my work and I am taking time off. First I am far behind because I have been working upstairs in the office for her. So I haveno control of that. Then I also have thisw time to take off so she really can’t complain that I am taking the time. It is my time to take when I want. So they decided that they are going to give me a written warning. I don’t see any real reason for that. Well anywayI am off to a meeting. I will complain more later. Have a great night. 


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  1. Karen C. says:

    I sure hope all of you get well soon! As for the job, maybe the next time off you take should be used for interviews for a new job – what jerks!

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