What a weekend I had let me tell you. There was just one problem but it was a big on. I went early in the morning to warwick. It takes about 25-30 minutes to get there. Well we were there for about 2 hours. On the way home I hit a big pot hole. I ended up blowing a tire and cracking the rim. The only fortunate thing is it happened right across the street from a tire place. The lady told me none of the tires would pass inspection. So I ended up getting four new tires. It seems like it would be that simple doesn’t it. Well they could not do anything about the cracked rim. So I had to wait until Monday to get a new rim. So I did that yesterday. There was a problem with that to. I got four rims just so they would all match but the two rims would not fit on the front. So the guy told me he would look around for more that would fit my car. I had to pay 388 dollars for the tires and then 40 to have them put on the different rims. I still haven’t paid for the rims. That guy is a friend of mine. He owns the junkyard. So he said when he gets me new rims he will charge me then. I think he said though that he would only charge me 50 bucks. Which is cool. So seeing how I just got paid thursday I am now broke yet again. It always seems to work out that way. I am hoping to get my tax return on Friday but I’m not sure. If I do get it then I will be able to pay the bills I was going to pay with this last paycheck.  Now good news. Jake is doing so much better (attitude wise) even after a few days on the meds. I did miss one pill though. I hope that doesn’t affect him too much. He has started demanding to be fed and waking me up in the am. I am so relieved. Well I gotta go. Have a great day. Oh BTW it is with the wind chill negative 10-20 degrees today.


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  1. Karen C. says:

    Yikes – how annoying! I’ve had a flat tire directly in front of a tire place before too. At least that part was good. It’s very good news about Jake though. I hope he gets all better really fast.

    I took Kelly (the Blonde Girl – the almost 13 year old) out of regular public school this week. It seems that the public school system has an online home-school program, so we’re going to do that. Now I’ve got to get up at 5AM to get to work earlier, so I can get home earlier so I can supervise her home-school program. I wonder if I’m ever going to have any time to do anything. How many more years till I can retire and be a crazy cat lady?

  2. caspersmom says:

    Always something. If it isn’t one thing it’s another. At least you have new tires on your car and it’s a little safer. Darn pot holes. We have a lot of them around here, always have to watch for them, especially after a good rain. Also I think it was great you were in front of a tire place when it happened. My merry oldsmobile needed a new alternator and before I got one it said on the instruments before leaving home that I wouldn’t be able to drive it. I am so very thankful it didn’t happen while I was out on the road somewhere. Take care Danielle.

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