Good morning. I do not have a lot of time right now. I do want to mention in the post from yesterday there was a comment left by Jody. Please go check out her site. She does rescue/trap/spay work in her area. She pays for everything. I think that maybe we would be able to help her out a bit. I am not asking for anyone to send money or anything but just maybe if there is anything you can do. Well I’ll be back later on. Have a great day. 

Let me know if you like the look.

Ok so I had to take Jake to the vet last night. He pooped in the dining room. He was acting a little weird. Doing some play running, that is not him at all. When he ended up in the dining room I knew he was gonna us the carpet as a bathroom. I figured he was gonna pee. Well I was wrong. I am glad he pooped though. While I was cleaning it up I noticed there were some wormies in it. I called the vet and got an appt for right then. I talked to the vet and told him. So Jake got a dewormer shot. I also told the vet that I am concerned about the peeing thing. Just because of his history that you all know. Well the vet said it would not be a bad idea to put him on meds. So now he is on meds for ten days. I might just be paranoid but I don’t care I would rather be safe than sorry. I will talk again. I just had a couple minutes.


2 Responses to 10.75

  1. Better safe than sorry! Although it’s bad he went in the wrong place, it’s good that he got yur attention so you knowed he was sick. If he were an outside poopin puddin, you wouldn’t have seen the wormies.

  2. Karen C. says:

    I sure do hope he’s okay. Keep us updated, okay? And give him a big cuddle too!

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