I got home yesterday and there was a package for me. I so eagerly opened it. I couldn’t wait to see what it was. To my joy it was me Oreo sweatshirt. Oh the excitement I felt like a little kid. It is absolutely beautiful. Well now on to the bitching. I am leaving work early today. About 4:30. If I wait until 4:45 I can get paid til 5. I need to leave early though. The roads are not that good on account that we had our first snow storm. (2 inches) So I think I have to stay until the UPS guy leaves in order to get paid til 5. Well the manager is a F*****G moron. I tried to explain that I was never told that we could leave early. We have for the past 3 Fridays. So I am to assume that every Friday we can leave early? The guys were told they could leave early and I was never told. The boss bitch tells them but not me. I work with her everyday in the same office and she can not give me that courtesy.? I hate this place. I know, I am not spanish so I get treated like shit. Thats what it is.  Well the manager guy was saying that they were told “you guys” which means everyone but yet no one told me “you guys can leave early” well how am I supposed to know? I can not wait for this day to be over. Have a great day!


2 Responses to 7

  1. Karen C. says:

    Argh! I want a sweatshirt too! Every week I have a little bit of extra money, after bills, that goes to things the kids need and donations. The kids and the donations keep taking it all and I haven’t gotten anything for myself. Next week I’m getting a sweatshirt no matter what!

  2. Diva Kitty says:

    Do the fluffies need to come over and doot on that bosses pillow?

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