February 28, 2007

Well good morning. I have a little bit of time right now. I still have so much work I have to do but I figure I would say hi first. Well lets see. There was a guy I was talking to (kinda seeing) I told this guy that I didn’t want to continue what we had. I found out he was hitting on other girls. I later found out that he is basically in love with someone else. Why are the men I find such pieces of shit? So I have decided to worry about my kids and myself for a while I don’t need anyone else to worry about. I also don’t need a man to make me happy. Lets see. My friends birthday was Valentines day and her daughter threw a surprise party for her. Surprisingly she had no idea of it. That was pretty cool. I also went to another friends b-day party. That was a big deal her big 5-0. We had to dress up for that one so I went and bought a dress. Now I am not the type of person who wears a dress for anything. I am so much more comfy in jeans and sweatshirt (from the mens department) that are too big. Lets see what else. The kids have been pretty good with the exception that my son got into trouble three days in a row for the same thing. He was fighting and not listening to the staff. He also used some words that he should not even know. I was pissed like you wouldn’t believe. I made him write 100 times. 50saying he would respect and listen to the staff and 50 for not fighting. He called someone a f*****g n***r. I don’t even know where he heard that. I would NEVER use that language. Well maybe the f*****g part. So I think I will have him do a lot of writing. The lady that works upstaris (2 hours a day) is messing things up and the boss lady is not happy about it. She told me that I would get in trouble for her mistakes if she doesn’t know who did it. That’s not right. I am behind so badly at work the boss lady is thinking about getting me some help. She wants me to work upstairs half the day and down here the rest of the time. I told her it would take about a month just to catch up. Well I have to get my butt in gear have a great day and take care. Oh no wait today is squillions day. I almost forgot. We adopted Bert. He is doing good and getting along great with Jake and Spot. There have only been a few fights but I think they are learning that no one is going anywhere and are learning to get along.Jake, Spot and Bert getting along



February 27, 2007

I have not been here in so long. I just don’t have any time right now. I have sooooooooo much work to do. I have been able to get online but only for a cew moments to check email. I have not even been to all my sites each day. Once in a while I have been. I have so much catching up to do. Not only at on line but at work also. I will have to try and get a good long post up soon. Take care and have a great day.

February 9, 2007

I don’t know if this worked.

Mom Robyn appreciation day!!!!!

February 9, 2007

We all know mom Robyn from the House of the Mostly Black Cats. Well today is her appreciation day. I can not get the picture right now so I will try later.


February 6, 2007

Ok I received an email from a friend this morning. It was regarding another friend. She made a point that this other friend has not been heard from in a couple days. Well I know that the second friend has been having computer issues so hopefully that is all it is. There was tornados in Florida and that is what the concern is all about. I really hope she was not affected by this. I am going to call her tonight.  When we do are not heard from in a short while the “family” is there looking just to see how you are. I love that.

So I got a phone call I didn’t answer it. There was no message left. I called it back and no answer. Well the same number called again this morning. It was that asshole Joe. What the hell does he want. I have no clue. I hope he doesn’t call again.


February 2, 2007

I got home yesterday and there was a package for me. I so eagerly opened it. I couldn’t wait to see what it was. To my joy it was me Oreo sweatshirt. Oh the excitement I felt like a little kid. It is absolutely beautiful. Well now on to the bitching. I am leaving work early today. About 4:30. If I wait until 4:45 I can get paid til 5. I need to leave early though. The roads are not that good on account that we had our first snow storm. (2 inches) So I think I have to stay until the UPS guy leaves in order to get paid til 5. Well the manager is a F*****G moron. I tried to explain that I was never told that we could leave early. We have for the past 3 Fridays. So I am to assume that every Friday we can leave early? The guys were told they could leave early and I was never told. The boss bitch tells them but not me. I work with her everyday in the same office and she can not give me that courtesy.? I hate this place. I know, I am not spanish so I get treated like shit. Thats what it is.  Well the manager guy was saying that they were told “you guys” which means everyone but yet no one told me “you guys can leave early” well how am I supposed to know? I can not wait for this day to be over. Have a great day!


February 1, 2007

Well Last night was a pretty good night. When I was going to bed (shortly before) Jake was lying on the bed and Spot came up. They are the type of cats that tolerate each other. They don’t “get along” they just deal with each other. It started off with the two of them lying near each other. Then Spot wanted some love. He started to come to me but stopped along the way and sniffed Jake. Well this pissed Jake off something fierce. He started growling (really funny) and had his ears back  and paws and claws at the ready. He made a couple of swats at Spot but there was no contact. He was mostly just being verbal. Saying don’t even think about coming aany closer. That is what I gather, but I used nice words. I can only imagine what he was really thinking. Before all this happened I was reading the Big Book. It is not all that easy a book to read. Bill’s story is the first in the book. I only got about 8 pages in. I was reading and watching Medium. So needless to say I probably payed more attention to the show. I tried muting the tv after that but I just couldn’t get into the story. It could also have to do with the fact that it was about 11 pm. I haven’t been sleeping well lately. I woke this morning about 330 and was up for about 40 minutes. Then my alarm goes off at 530. Needless to say I didn’t get up with it. I got up at about 630 and had to rush around to get everyone dressed and ready. The tricky part was keeping everyone quiet, for my mom slept at home last night. That is the first time that has happened in such a long time. I get all paranoid about when she does sleep home because I will hear shit from her if we wake her up. So I have to get all of us up and quietly. Not that easy to do with a 7 and 9 year old. I still have yet to find the stupid cable to get the pictures on the computer. I took some of the cats hissy fit along with me and Jake sleeping together. I so badly want to get those put up. I don’t remember if I said this in my last post or not but when I get my taxes I have to pay off the furniture and with the left over I think I am going to get a notebook computer. If anyone has advise for me on that please let me know. I am not sure if I will be able to get back on the computer today or not but I will try. I have been working upstairs a lot lately. I have so much work in my department I don’t even know where to begin. I just got an email today that I have 5 more style booklets that need to be done. So I have  to find all the material and get those into production. I also heard that the boss lady is going to be moving next door and I won’t have to deal with her or work upstairs for too much longer. The only down side to that is there is going to be a new manager (that word looks funny) here and I don’t know how much I will be able to get away with. Well thats all for today. Have a great day!