5 (I think)

Good morning. I don’t have too much to bitch about this morning. The boss lady was being a complete pain in the ass yesterday. I spent about 10 minutes in my area, the rest of the time I was upstairs. I think the same thing is going to happen today. She expects me to know and do things I have never done before. I can not stand working here anymore. I really need to keep looking for a new job. On the other side of life….. Jake slept with me last night. I got a couple pictures of that, but I do not know where the stupid cable is. I have to try and find it yet again. I swear I can lose anything and everything. I am also really bad about getting somethings done. I have a couple of cds that have been written on (pictures) but I took my computer downstairs and have not put it back together upstairs yet. I have a few more cds to write then I can send them out. I do apologize to those who are waiting for them. I also have some purple yarn for DKM to help with making some blankets. I am also going to try and send her and Brandi a donation. That is something that I have to wait until payday for. This paycheck is for bills and hopefully I will be able to send a little bit. I was able though to get an Oreo sweatshirt. I am so excited about that. I can’t wait to have something of his. I will be able to wear his picture. I can also see myself wearing it everyday.  I feel like I have missed so much not being on the computer. I hope I get time to get online again today. I am also planning on (with taxes) getting a laptop computer that can go online without being hooked up to the wall. Maybe that way I will have less problems. I have to pay off the furniture then if I have any money after that I will be looking into it. That way I can even go online while at a meeting. OOOOOO that would be great. Well I have to get to work. I hope everyone has  a great day.


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