Good afternoon to all. I went to the doctor yesterday. I have for the past few years had sharp pain in my lower abdomen area. Well I just couldn’t deal with it so I decided to talk to the doc. He tells me that before we go and do any testing that he wants me to increase my fiber intake. He is suggesting that it is IBS. So I guess I have to start eating more solulable fiber foods. The only thing is I eat maybe two meals a day and they are not even real “meals” so how am I going to do this? The past couple nights me and the kids have slept out at my new friends house. It is really weird. I miss having my boys around to wake me up soo they can be fed. He has two cats and one of them woke me last night. It was really cute. I will have to get some pics. The grey one is a big man cat. The other is an all black kitty. They are both pretty shy. Well I am job hunting at this point. My friend’s sister work might have positions that are during the day. She works 3rd and 2nd shift. They have weird hours but hoping that they have regular 9-5 hours. I am going to get the name of the company and apply online. Things are good right now. I have made a decision to really start working my program. I will be doing the third step this week. I have already started to give it up. “Let go and let Got”.  A lot of people say “turn it over”. So I have been doing that. I know I have no control over what happens in my life. What is supposed to happen will. Well I am really looking forward to doing the 3rd step. I have never looked forward to doing any work that is involved. So this is a big change. I talked to my sponser last night and we are going to hook up soon. She stated that she was waiting for me to take the inishitive (sp?) She is just as excited as I am. Well that’s the report from this end I will talk to you all later. Have a great day/night.


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  1. caspersmom says:

    I am so glad you are going on with your program. I do think when you are working with some one else it will help. So glad you have a sponser. Best of luck on the third step. Hope you get a job that you will like. I’m going to be like a Mom and say I think you would feel a lot better eating more healthy. Try really hard to eat better, even with just two meals. I had colon surgery almost ten years ago and had eighteen inches of my colon taken out due to diverticulitis. I do eat more fiber now.

    No, I don’t have to tap on the bag for Cleo to get into it. She just likes playing with them. Every now and then Casper does too.

    Take care Dannielle.

  2. Karen C. says:

    I’d been eating whatever I could eat in my car or at my desk, and never a “meal”. It was causing me to be very unhealthy and have stomach issues too. Now that I’ve been making an effort to eat “the right things” (even though I still don’t eat a big “meal”), I’m feeling better and even looking better. I highly recommend it!

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