I got my raise

Ok so I have some time to be on the computer this afternoon. I forgot to say that I finally got my raise and review. My review was fine they gave me all “G” and “VG” feelin like a kid. VG is the second best (really the best) because they have “O” which they never give. When I first started here after three months I got a dollar raise then nine months later there was a kid. No I’m just kidding. I got another dollar. Then one year after that I got 1.25 for my raise. So I was expecting to get about a dollar this time. Oh man was I ever so disappointed. I got a whopping .50 cents. I am not sure if I should be mad (I am) or not because the boss ladies boss decided that 12.75 would be the cap for my job. A lousy 4% raise.  What the fuck. I do make more than a lot of other people next door in the lab. Who have als been here longer. I don’t know I do know that I am pissed about that.


One Response to I got my raise

  1. Karen C. says:

    Well, it’s great that you got a good review and a raise, but too bad it wasn’t more. Are you going to move to the other place soon? Or didn’t they tell you yet?

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