Much better

I had a nice conversation with the new guy. We talked about a lot of stuff. I let him know how I felt and he made some reassurances. I also had a nice conversation with Barbie-Lou about the same type of stuff. I feel horrible nobody I know wants the kitties. I am not going to give up though. I just feel so bad especially for Ebinezer. I so want to take him home. This is where if I had my own place I would. In a heartbeat. I don’t know why people can not just say yes I’ll take them. What is the matter with people. I understand if you have too many all ready but….. well lets go to something else. I had a “talk” with my mom and thought it was over but I guess not. She asked me the other day when we could finish. I am getting nervous again. I have to make a phone call about that one. Well I have to get to work so I will see ya’ll later on. Have a great day.


2 Responses to Much better

  1. Karen C. says:

    I wish I could take in all the homeless kitties too. If I wasn’t a renter in a “no pets” apartment, I would. Even with the 3 unauthorized pets I have, I’d probably try taking in some more if it weren’t for the fact that Grr is so scared of new people and new cats. She attacks if she can’t hide, so I wouldn’t try it unless I was home enough to supervise. ::sigh:: someday…

  2. Barbie-Lou says:

    When I hit the lottery, I am going to get a big, big house with lots and lots of rooms, and take in as many cats as possible. And then, I’m going to sponsor as many cats as I possibly can. And I’ll hire someone to help me teach the cats to get along, cause as bad as I’m doing with Clay and Taylor, I’ll definitely need
    I feel so bad when I read about cats needing homes, and there is nothing that I can do.
    It just breaks my heart.

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