Feelin a bit better

I want to say thank you to those who sent get better soon. I am feeling a bit better today.  I am here at work and have not been on the computer since yesterday when I wrote my last post. I feel like I have missed so much. Even though it has only been a day. I have heard that Yuki is not feeling well. I want everyone to go to the blog and wish well for her and her family.  Since I did not work yesterday I got to go to an AA meeting. I have been doing a lot of those lately. I did two on Fri and Sat. I went Sunday (which never happens) I went to a 52nd anniversary party on Monday. That was a blast. So I am doing a lot more which I am really happy about. I still have yet to talk to my family about the things that have happened. I think I have to wait until I am a little more emotionally stable. I got cornered into the bathroom by a friend and she helped make things a little more understandable to me. I was also talking to a friend of mine last night and she helped put things into perspective for me. There are 12 steps in the program and I have only made it to number three. I am trying to start all over. I want to do the steps and help myslef. I have never really cared for myself and doing this might help me. I have also been helped by my fuzz family. I know there are so many people that care for me and I think to myself “if there are so many whycan’t I feel the same” well the words might not come out exactly how I feel but that is the basic jist of it. I am in all actuality an angry person and that is a character defect which I need to work on. I don’t like being an angry person all the time. I feel like I am leeding a double life in some way. I want to lead myself to the not so angry side of me. I want to be that person all the time. I feel that sometimes that is the way it is supposed to be. Like I said I am going to be working a program and I hope all will change. Have a great day.


3 Responses to Feelin a bit better

  1. caspersmom says:

    God Bless you Danielle wanting to improve your life. You are a very important person in God’s eyes and mine. Just remember, ‘God don’t make junk” so please don’t treat yourself that way by having low self esteem. I will send prayers up that you can and will make the change you want as I know that God wants you to succeed as well.

    I know what you mean by being off the computer for just one day and missing out. I haven’t been able to post anything for so long I really feel out of it. I have gotten blogger up and running again so I posted there yesterday. Can you still get on to blogger?? You look like you know how to handle wordpress. Your site looks really nice. I’m surprised I even got to post pictures on this thing. I know blogger better. Let me know if you can’t get on blooper anymore O.K. Guess I will keep this site for awhile just in case blooper starts acting up again. I like the title I gave the wordpress site.

    I think you did such a great job in finding homes for those kitties. Be proud of yourself. Keep on Danielle. I know you can do it.


  2. Karen C. says:

    Glad you’re feeling better! I completely understand how you feel about your life, and it’s great that you’re doing the things you are.

  3. mlgsherwood says:

    Danielle, I am glad you are feeling better.

    It sounds like you are really trying hard to change your life, and that isn’t easy. Someone told me a long time ago that anger is energy, that you have to learn how to use it constructively.

    I am totally in awe of how you handled the Rhode Island Kitties. I think a lot of us will agree, you just took control of the situation. And at a time in your life when most people would have made excuses not to do anything — and been justified. You had so much going on in so many areas and yet you found each kittie a wonderful, loving home.

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