What to do

Ok so I am really depressed and really happy this fine rainy morning. I made a new friend  over the last week. So I am really happy about that. I got into a big fight with the rest of my family. I am not upset that I fought but pissed about what was said. I fucking hate my brother. My mom said when I moved back in that I was not allowed to have guys coming over. I didn’t think she ment friends weren’t allowed. She stated this in front of him and he was rather upset by it. I can understand that my mom doesn’t want guys there but friends? What the fuck I feel like a little kid who has to ask permission to do anything. Then my brother says that all the guys I bring over to the house are scumbags. (Friends or more than friends) He says he cares about the family.  I said to him if any of the people I have brought to the house disrespected my mom it was not them and I made that decision.  None of the people I have brought there have done anything to my family. Hurt, stolen from or anything. Let me say this because it sounds like I have guys over all the time. I do not. I met this guy at a AA party on Monday and he came to my house for about 15 minutes last night after a meeting I had something I had to do. Before that I hardly had anyone at the house. Joe was the last one.  I have also brought my best friends husband over there. So he must be a scumbag. He is going to be doing electrical work at the house but why would he Seth want a scumbag there? I hate my current situation. Now I remember why I moved out in the first place.

Thank you all for the helpful suggestions on the trimming of the nails. I will be going to wal mart to get some clippers soon. I appreciate the comments.


One Response to What to do

  1. Karen C. says:

    Don’t you hate it when people make generalizations like that? I could see someone asking you not to do “inappropriate” things in the house, but a friend is a friend, whether single, married, gay, straight, male or female, and shouldn’t be judged by what someone thinks they “might” do.

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