Spot is weird

Ok so last night I was attacked. Now this is the cat who doesn’t care about anything you do to him. I have this thing. I like to pet or rub the tip of the tail. I have always had this weird thing. Well so anyway I was rubbing the tip of Spot’s tail and he kept trying to get me to rub his ear. I didn’t want to. So I am guessing that cats do not care for this. since I wouldn’t pet his ear he decided to attack me. I have got some scratches from him. He was not happy at all. I need to cut his nails, but have never even thought of this until last night. I would like some advise on how to do this. He is good and will let me play with the claws so I don’t think I will have too much of a problem. I just don’t know how far down or just clip the tip. Do I just use regular old nail clippers? I don’t know please help.  I got some pictures of the nails but forgot the connector thingy. Why does that not surprise me. Well I am still waiting to hear about my review and raise. I asked the lady yesterday if I could read what they wrote. I guess I can not read until my raise gets approved. I hate waiting for shit like that. Our friend and family member has a new blog and it is going to be all about her becoming a new/born again christian. I am excited to see what she has to say. That is always something I have had interest in. If anyone wants the address let me know if you don’t have it already. well I have to do some work have a great day.


4 Responses to Spot is weird

  1. the zoo says:

    to trim a cats nails you hafta use specfic clippers that look kinda like scissors. they sell them at walmart. you just cut the tips basically. with cats & dogs its hard to know where the finger (??) part ends and the nail begins that why you only do the tips. cats dont need their nails cut as much as dogs because they have scratching posts and that helps keep their nails good. I hope this helps.

  2. our Lady has kitty nail clippers where the clipper part is a circle that closes when you squeeze the handle. you’re only supposed to clip off the tip, or the claw could bleed. we don’t like to have our claws clipped and she’s never gotten more than just a few of Midnight’s done. we’re just not very cooperative and we’re not afraid to use our teeth on her hand.

  3. Barbie-Lou says:

    Okay, Danielle, this is what I do. I use regular fingernail clippers. I just clip off the tips of the claws. You’re supposed to be able to clip down to the area just before the claws change color (it’s sort of a reddish color). I do Taylor’s without too much of a problem, and I used to do Fluffy’s. We had to take Atilla to the vet to have hers done. She was a terror, and also was double-pawed. I doubt if I’ll be able to do Clay’s. But I will give it a try when he needs them done. Taylor’s were done at the vet’s when I took him up there last week, so he’s okay for a little while. If you’re not sure how much to clip, just clip the ends like everyone says. And the next time he goes to the vet, ask them to clip them correctly.
    BTW, Clay and Taylor still are not getting along. Clay is afraid of Taylor, so Taylor terrorizes him. We’ll just keep working at it. They really got into it today. It was really squirt water bottle city here. And it was all Taylor, not Clay.
    I’ll give you a call over the weekend.

  4. daniel s. says:

    If you are still a bit hesitant, here are a couple sites with detailed information, including pictures. If you have someone to hold the cat, the process gets a whole lot easier.

    For whatever it might be worth, many places that do grooming will clip cat toenails for a few bucks. I usually go to Petsmart if there is one close by.

    Softpaws are another option. I’ve never used them, but many people do and they (and their cats) seem happy with results.

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