Happy new year

Well this is my first post of the year 2007. It probably won’t be all that exciting. I went to a dance on new years eve. It lasted til just after midnight. Right afterwards there was a meeting upstairs. So I went to that. I did not get home until 2:30. I had such a good time. I even met a guy and got his phone number. I think I might call him tonight. I don’t know though. I am kinda on the nervous side. Ok now onto work stuff. I have been here for three years as of Dec. 29th. I asked today about my review and the boss lady was (joking) saying I was going to be the first ever to get a decrees in pay. I have no idea what I am going to get. I am hoping that I get at least .75 but 1.75 would be nice. I told her that I do the job of two people and that I am saving the company money in that aspect. She said basically that she is the only one in the office and it doesn’t matter. She didn’t get anything for that. I don’t care. She gets salary and I get hourly. This company is just CHEAP. That is all out of me so have a great day.


2 Responses to Happy new year

  1. the zoo says:

    man what a bitch. i have a reveiw coming uo and do a great job, the equivilant of 2 people until lately but since im not a pet and go get mani pedis on my lunches i wont get much of a raise. they told me once “im a different type of girl” then them. it really pissed me off. i mean its not like im a rosie odonnell type of girl, not that that is their business. but i dont “lunch” and i love my pets and am a do it yourselfer.
    yeah im not a spoiled princess.
    sorry had to vent.

  2. Karen C. says:

    Did they give up the cash yet? That office lady sounds like a @#$%&. I hope SHE gets a decrease in pay to match her total lack of a sense of humor.

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