Long weekend

Well I am finally back. We had a four day weekend. It was so nice. We all had a great Christmas I hope everyone else did as well. I feel like I have been MIA not being able to do much from home. I hate the Mac computer. I think in a few weeks I am  going to get the stuff I need to get my computer on line. I do not like being away. I am sorry that I have not answered any emails. Here goes. Clay is at his new home. He made it there on Christmas eve. That is the best type of present ever. (I believe) So far it seems to be working out well. I am going to be calling Barbie-Lou tonight to see how things are going.  I have not been able to make the gifts yet so please send me your address if that has not been done. I really want everyone to have this item that I am going to make. Barbie-Lou, I was unable to get you mail out yesterday. I will be doing that today. I do not have the thing my son made though. I will send that out probably tomorrow. Well I am off to check all the sites. Have a great day.


2 Responses to Long weekend

  1. Barbie-Lou says:

    Danielle, Don’t worry about getting the package out. There’s no hurry. Clay is doing fine. He had the whole run of the place today while we had Taylor at the Vet’s up in Gulfport. When we got home a little bit ago, there he was spread out asleep on the bureau in the bedroom. He really likes it in there. He also used Taylor’s litter box. Guess he figured he would leave a little something for Taylor.lol.
    I hope you finally got a chance to relax a little over the long weekend. Talk to you tonight.

  2. we wanna vent! our Lady’s supposta be on vaykayshun, but she’s goin’ in ta werk efurryday anyway instedda stayin’ home cuddlin’ us. ‘parently her pryoritties is way skrewed up.

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