Ok so last night I took the kids (both of them) to the hospital. I am sick and tired of not being able to get a doctors appointment. I took them in and found out that my daughter has bronchitis and my son has an upper respiratory infection. Doesn’t that sound like fun? The worst part is my mom is a musician and she can’t get sick. So my kids can not get hugs and kisses from grandma. I also started feeling a little sick yesterday. The back of my tongue (sp?) felt like it was swollen. It does not bother me. If I don’t feel better by Saturday I will go see the doc. I probably wont though. I want to let everyone know that almost evertime I get on the computer the boss lady calls me. So if I do not get back to you that is why. So tonight I am bringing Clay/Kelly to the vet at 6:30. Oh before I forget Barbie-Lou call me at 9:30 because I have a meeting tonight. I want to take votes on who thinks that the kitty is a boy and who thinks it is a girl. So in the comments please leave what you think. I want to see if a gender can be told just by looking. Clay/Kelly did not go to sleep with me last night. I was kinda depressed about that. He/she has gone to bed with me everynight since being at my house. I think maybe I made him/her mad. I kept taking pictures and this might have been upsetting. Oh well he/she will get over it. I will leave you with some pictures.  claykelly2-001.jpg  claykelly2-002.jpg claykelly2-003.jpg claykelly2-005.jpg claykelly2-006.jpg claykelly2-004.jpg


6 Responses to News

  1. dannieb123 says:

    I forgot to say I did some playing around with the pictures.

  2. Morgen says:

    I’m voting “boy”
    ho ho ho

    ps: hope you & the kids feel better soon!

  3. Barbie-Lou says:

    I think Clay/Kelly is a boy, too, judging by his face. But, he/she could be deceiving.

  4. Barbie-Lou says:

    Oh, Danielle. I forgot to say, yes, I’ll call you at 9:30. Also, I’m sorry to hear that your kids are sick. I hope you don’t get sick too. It sure sucks to be sick at Christmas. I feel so bad for all of you. Talk to you tonight.

  5. Kat says:

    Yes, you all stay well! I just got over the stomach flu. I started with it Monday morning and the worst was over by the evening, thanks goodness!! And yes, love the funny pix! I am going to say the fuzz butt is definately a “Clay”! I’m willing to be some Temptation treats on it! Lol!

  6. Karen C. says:

    My guess would be a boy who’s been fixed already. He/she looks more “boyish” and, since you weren’t able to tell by looking (though I know there’s too much fluff to really see well), I’m thinking maybe he’s been fixed – a former pet who was left, like Jazper.

    Having all that junk in your lungs and chest is no fun at all. I sure hope your kids are feeling better and you don’t catch it too.

    The pictures are cute. I really want to cuddle that big fluff boy/girl!

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