What to say?

I am exrtemely confused right now. Because I am confused I am getting mad. I do not know how to take something that was said to me. So of course now I am going to let it rent space in my head. I should just let it go but I can not do that. Anyway on to something better. I received some mail last night. My children wanted me to send out thank you to a couple people. They are asking me to thank Karen, TBG, TAG, TQG, Cocoa, Midnight, Grr, Jake, Bathsheba and their mom. My kids were very happy about what all of you have done for them. They loved the card that was made for them. They also were saying how muchJake and Bathsheba look like our kitty. They said “oh they are soooo cute” the kids were also excited that kitties sent them gifts. I spoke with Barbie-Lou last night and we are both very excited about Clay/Kelly. She is also concerned for Taylor. She is not sure how he will react to a new cat in the house. I think we should all try and post commentws for her to try and help her through this. I know that Kelly/Clay is not worried about other cats being around. I don’t think he/she will have any problems adjusting. Well I have to do some cleaning, we are having important people at work in a couple days. I have to make my area presentable.


2 Responses to What to say?

  1. Karen C. says:

    Oh no – who said what to you? If you want a second opinion on how to take something, e-mail me the comment (or call later) and you certainly don’t have to mention names. I can give you my opinion which you can take or leave as you wish. I’ve got a confusing something I’d like to run by you later too. Maybe you’ll have a good idea about it.

    We’re glad you got that envelope so quickly! I though maybe if I addressed it to your kids and didn’t put your last name, it wouldn’t end up in the endless circle of post office forwarding.

  2. Morgen says:

    I’m so glad that your great kids are getting recognition, because they (and you) have such generous spirits!
    Don’t let the negativity of others spoil this magical time of year for you! You and your family have done so much good for others this year, you deserve some magical happiness of your own!
    love ya,

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