Well lets see. I was nominated for food lady of the yeer award. I was so no expecting that at all. I can’t believe it. I had tears in my eyes. I am the type of person that feels that something like this is not what I deserve. I just have always had a low self esteem. I feel what I have done for the kitties and their new families is just some natural thing to do. I don’t feel like I did anything special or out of the ordinary.I think that I maybe feel guilty. I know I feel guilty.For many reasons. The most important one is that there are so many more animals that need help. I just wish I could do more, I don’t feel as though I have done enough. I have been told that I have done a lot so far. I could not have done any of this without the help of my on line family, none of it would be possible without you. So I might have done a lot but would have been nothing with out you.

Now to get a little venting out. Joe called again last night and left me a message, he only called once. He was saying he wants me to call him just hear my voice. He also was asking if I would give him rides to meetings (so he can be with me) also that he doesn’t want to get in trouble for calling me. I am not sure what to do. As a good member of A.A. I probably should give him a ride but that might not work out too well.I have told him I want him to get a year sober before anything happens if it would happen. I have also tried to tell him things and before I finish he tells me he doesn’t believe me.  He doesn’t trust anyone and tells me he doesn’t believe me. I do not trust or believe him either (so how can there be a relationship without those things?) There is also the aspect of him being controlling and a super neat freak, I do not really want any part of that. I don’t think he really gets it. That is not something the kids should ever have to deal with, ,and that is extremely important to me.  I could not see it before and others tried to tell me. I see it now though.

Ok a better subject. I am putting up some pictures of Clay/Kelly. I will try and get the one of him/her after the bath. I will also get just chillin in the room. I have  a V-E-T appt for thursday night. We will finally be able to say for sure Clay or Kelly. I have to also mention that he/she LOVES to sleep on my phone especially in the morning when it (the alarm on it) goes off. So I have been getting up a little later than I would like. Only cause I can not hear the alarm well or find the phone. Well I will leave you with that.  Oh I almost forgot he/she LOVES diet coke.claykelly-001.jpg   claykelly-002.jpg   claykelly-003.jpg   claykelly-004.jpg


4 Responses to OK

  1. The soda Clay/Kelly is drinking out of is fresh. I opened it and took one sip then he/she started in on it. I thought it was really funny. I have never seen a cat drink soda before.

  2. Katnippia says:

    Don’t let Joe get you down. You need to do what is right for you and your kids. I have always been a firm believer trust what your natural insticnts tell you.

    Now Clay/ Kelly is a very beautiful/ Handsome kitty. I’ve never seen a kitty that likes soda at all either. The only thing mine want is food off my plate or mild. Well, at least he/she knows to go for the diet, hehe

  3. Karen C. says:

    ooooohhhhh – looky all the gorgeous fluff! I especially love the one where he/she is laying down with only one eye peeking up and those cute white whiskers!

    You’re right about Joe. Even sober, he’s not the type of relationship you want.

  4. Mumma says:

    Oh, pretty floof! He/she looks a lot like Flumpy.

    A control freak and a neat freak are not what any of us need…

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