Just feel like complaining

I was sitting here thinking about the whole computer situation. I hate it so much. I have to sneak at work. Then at home I try to get on line for 3 hours at a time and nothing happens. What the fuck? Is it me? Did I do something? I think the computer is just out to get me. I am hoping that my mom decides to get my brother the router for Christmas. That way I can just get a wireless card. It would save me 70 dollars. Unless my mom is planning on getting one for me. I don’t know. They are probably too expensive for her to get two. I am pretty sure she is getting my bro one because she told me to check out the price for her. I am sitting here at work and I have about an hour left. It has been going by so slow lately. I have been working up in the office a lot lately. I think I might have already said that but you know what? I will say it again. Ha Ha that was supposed to be my lame attempt at humor. I have been told by many I don’t have a sense of humor. Well mostly my boss and ex. I never know when the boss lady is being funny or serious. What am I supposed to think. I don’t know. Then there is the ex. I mean asshole/stalker. I thought maybe he got the point but I think I was wrong. Last Sunday or Saturday (I forgot) he called so many times I can’t even remember. He filled my voicemail with shit. Between then and yesterday I didn’t hear from him except 2 calls (which I didn’t answer) Then last night he called at least 30 times. He once again filled my voice mail. I have this nifty phone that allows me to record calls. So what I did was I recorded the voice mail messages. That way I could have the messages for the police if they need to be involved. Also it empties my voicemail out. So I can get messages from other people. Other people? I get maybe 5 phone calls a week. That is not really a problem for me. I don’t really like the phone unless it is one of my friends. I have my internet friends (whom I LOVE) then I have three friends. I am kinda a solitary person. If I could live all alone (with the kids) no neighbors that would be wonderful as long as I have a computer to talk to all my fuzz family. I think of all of you more than just friends. With out you I just don’t know. I know it would be hard to imagine life woithout and can barely remember life before. Well I have to finish some work that has to be done by 4:20. I will talk to you more later have a great night.


2 Responses to Just feel like complaining

  1. Kat says:

    Awww, I too love my fuzz family! And I miss hearing from you on the other blogs! But don’t worry! Keep ya chin up! Things happen for a reason and everything has got to work out sooner or later, right?! What was that? You hope it’s sooner rather than later, lol? And you be careful dealing w/your ex! I’m sure you are. Good thing you have his messages recorded, but hopefully you won’t need them. Take care and give yourself a hug from me!

  2. furrylogic says:

    Thank you for visiting our blog! I hope things turn around for you soon too!

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