I do have pictures but I can not find my cable to connect to the computer. I guess that is something els I could bitch about.I just am not sure as to where i left it. I am thinking it is at my house from when I put some pics on a cd. I am planning on getting all the pictures I can of Sophie, Jazper and Clay/Kelly and putting them onto some cd’s. When I get that done all the people who helped with donations will be getting a letter and a cd. I waws planning on keeping it as a surprise but I just told everyone. So there is no more surprise. I have about a million pictures to. Even if there are more than one of a picture that will be on it. So I guess it could be considered a “late Christmas present” I just have to wait until Clay/Kelly goes to his/her new home. I know I will be taking so many more pictures. Please bear with me. Well I have to start working now talk to you soon. Oh by the way the mail is really really slow because of the holiday. My brother has not been getting the mail. Thank god. It has been me or my mom. I ask her if there is any for me when she does get it. For the most part it is just me checking it. Have a great day!!!!!!!


2 Responses to Pictures

  1. our Lady sez “duh” – she knows you don’t have the cable, but she forgot. she’s been forgetting lots recently – sorry.

  2. Morgen says:

    Hi there!
    I have a new e-mail address: (just like my old one but sub “gmail” for the previous “aol”

    I didn’t know you haven’t received the donations yet. I hope they come soon!

    I wanted to thank you again for everything you’ve done for these kitties.
    Jazper is so freaking happy, it is unbelievable. It’s like he was MEANT to be a shop cat! He comes right up to the “cat people” who fawn over him, but he stays away from the bitches and complainers! He gets compliments every day as to how happy and loved he is, and people are very surprised when I say he’s only been with me for a few weeks! They all say “He acts like he owns the place!”

    When I read that Kismet & Sophie are getting along better, and that he was helping wash her/lick her, I just had to cry a little with joy. You made these things happen, Danielle — you’re a very special, loving person.

    I, too, have been depressed. I count my joys and blessings (Jazper, Spooker, Chloe & Daphne). I know my depression is a medical condition, but this winter it has been worse, even with the dr upping my meds. And I know that lots of it is the situations we’re in (financial) — kicking that ex to the curb was the best thing you could do, for yourself, and for your kids. It will just take time to heal that part inside you.

    As for the phone messages — I am glad that you can record them. When i had problems (years ago) with my mother’s psycho alcoholic boyfriend, the police said the best thing I could do was to record the calls. And once, when he came to my mom’s, she called 911 and asked the operator to record the call, then placed the phone on the table so it recorded everything — I hope that situation NEVER happens to you!!!

    Okay, I’ve rambled on and on here. I couldn’t sleep (worrying about shit).

    Please know that you are a wonderful, loved person.
    I thank you for all that you did for Jazper.
    love ya,

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