So much going on

Well as you know I have Clay/Kelly at my house now. He/she is just so awesome!!! He/she sleeps with me but in the morning I find him/her on the top bunk with my son. My kids take turns sleeping on the top. So next week we will see who he/she decides to sleep with. I personally think it will be my daughter because she will be on the top bunk. I gave the kitty a bath and surprisingly he/she was not that difficult. Clay/Kelly didn’t like the water but didn’t fight to get away, just didn’t want to be near the running water. Well I refinanced my car and was hoping to have enough to pay the way for Clay/Kelly to go to the vet and to the new home in Florida. Well I didn’t get enough for christmas shopping and the trip. I am just going to have to wait for the donations. I still have not received them. They were sent I think a while ago but I could be mistaken. Oh well. I don’t mind keeping Clay/Kelly around. Although my mom does. I have until next Saturday. I am hoping I get the mail before then. Lets see what else is going on. I have been working upstairs in the office so I have not had much time at all lately to play on the computer. I still am having problems at home. I switched to net zero and I can’t get on line at all. I am going to have to get a router and a wireless card so I can use the modem that is downstairs. That costs 130 for the two items. I am going to have to wait until at least the middle of January for that one. I am kinda on the depressed side. I have 5 people I have to shop for and have such a little amount of money. I am hoping when I get paid (12/21) I will have a little more to shop with. Yes I usually wait til real close to the end before I go shopping. Procrastinator? I think so. I am sure there is more but i have to get my work done.


One Response to So much going on

  1. Karen C. says:

    I mailed a check last week to your current address. It should have been there by now. More is on it’s way too. Do you think there’s a chance your brother or someone put your mail in a pile for you somewhere, like last time, and didn’t tell you? It seems strange that stuff takes so long to get there. What’s wrong with the stupid post office?

    I’m glad Clay/Kelly is doing so well. Do you have a picture of him/her inside and being cuddly? I could put it on my blog and remind people of his/her need to get to the vet and to his/her new home.

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