Oh no

I just got an email from Kate. It seems that Sophie’s cough is not getting better and now Kismet has been sneezing. She is going to take them both to the vet on Saturday. I hope everything is fine. Maybe Kismet is allergic to Sophie. Is that possible? I don’t know.

Well it helps out sooo much! You just don’t even know. Yes Morgen sent in the package a book about owls and it came with some puke. So the kids can disect it and see what happens in the circle of life (so to speak) It says the bones are in the puke. I am looking forward to doing this experiment. I think it will be Saturday.


One Response to Oh no

  1. Karen C. says:

    Grr and Midnight both sneeze around new smells, dust, and some cleansers, but it always goes away after a day or two.

    All my kids got to do the owl experiment in school – I never did though. It sounds really cool!

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