I woke this morning to see that is was snowing. It is the first snowfall of the year. Well it had to happen sooner or later. I was hoping for the later. Oh well. There was not much. Just like a covering on the grass none on the streets.  I got the kitty to NY safely. I also heard that Kismet and Sophie are starting to get along. She is still skittish though. I think she will just need time to come around. I also met Kate. She is so nice! I also got to see Kismet in person. Oh my god he is just too cute and big. I hope that everything works out well for them. I went to the old house yesterday. The kitty that was sitting on the steps all by herself was like a completly different cat. She would run as soon as I started in her direction. Well she came right up to me and was looking for LOTS and LOTS of love. I got to feed her and Clay (the black and white one) I unfortunately only had one can of food so they had to share. I told Joe to buy some cat food. I hope he does. I think he will. As soon as I get the money Clay will be moving to his new home. I am excited about that. Well I have to go to work now. Have a great day!


8 Responses to Snow

  1. Karen C. says:

    Is Barbie-Lou naming the black and white one Clay? Since she already has Taylor Hicks, I’m wondering if this one is going to be named after Clay Aiken? If so, she sure does have great taste in American Idols – I loved both of them! (I’m sending a check today and more to come.)

    I’d love to meet the Big Man Cat in purrson – I bet he’s just full of purrsonality!

  2. Spot and Jake says:

    She is planning on naming him Clay Aiken. I just have to find out first about weather it is a boy or girl. Still don’t know. Kismet is great!!! He was kinda leery because of the intruder. I hear that they are starting to get along though. He is absolutely beautiful in person to.

  3. Barbie-Lou says:

    Yes, I do have great taste in American Idols, if I do say so myself. Clay should have won over that stupid Rueben. If the black and white kitty turns out to be a girl, I will name her Kellie. I loved Kellie Pickler. She was just so cute. Or Kelly, for Kelly Clarkson, who I think is just great.
    I hope that Joe will buy some food, so the cats can eat. Hopefully, Danielle, the check I sent you last Monday will arrive for you today. Can’t figure out why it would take so long.
    I also read that Kismet is doing better with the new kitty. Hope it continues that way.
    I just got home from work and need to check out all the blogs.
    Talk to ya later.
    Barbie-Lou & Taylor

  4. my beloved Blonde Girl is named Kelly!

    didja like Chris Daughtry? our Lady has his CD and loves his voice too.

  5. Barbie-Lou says:

    Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t really care for Chris. I’m not into that kind of music. My favorites were Taylor Hicks, Kellie Pickler, and Elliott Yamin. I despised Katherine McPhee.
    And Grr, since your beloved Blonde Girl is named Kelly, if the Rhode Island Kitty is a girl, I will name her Kelly, and let it stand for both Kellie Pickler and Kelly Clarkson. How bout that?

  6. Oh, yes – our Lady loved that Elliott guy lots too. She likes most types of music, but not rap or hip hop. Kelly is a lovely name and I think that’s a great idea. I love my Kelly/Blonde Girl and the Lady likes those other Kellys too. Maybe all Kellys are wonderful?

  7. Barbie-Lou says:

    Well, Grr, I think maybe all Kelly’s are wonderful too. And tell your Lady that I do not like Rap or Hip Hop either.

  8. Kat says:

    I am hoping we get just a few days of snow here. Just enough to play in would be great! I’m so excited for Clay/Kelly too! I will be making a challenge, or rather Emma or one of her gang will and sending the money to you Dannie, to help with Clay/Kelly. I’m thinking it will be to Boo or Manx Mnews kitties. Hmmm, gotta think some more!

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