Today is the day!!!!!

Ok today is the day that I will drive down to NY. The little orange fluff is going to her new home. I am excited. I was unable to giver her a flea bath last night. So as soon as I get home today she will get one. I am going to ask the people at the pet store the best recomended flea shampoo. She is becoming more and more adventerous everyday. She almost slept with me last night. She was again very playful. I went to my old house last night. I got to see and pet “Mr. Black” I think he/she has lost some weight. I don’t think he/she was pregnant because the weight loss was not that significant. I think I was overfeeding. I gave him/her a can of food and there was so much excitement from the kitty. Joe was there. He said he has been feeding him/her. I was so shocked to hear that. He had a bowl on the front step with chicken in it. I was like holy shit!!!!!!!!! He wouldn’t even let them near the house before. Do you think something is wrong? I don’t know. I still haven’t received any mail. I called the 800-ask-usps and found out it could take 7-10 business days to get your mail that has been forwarded. I hate waiting. I have a freind that owes me 200 dollars. I was trying to collect last night but I could not reach him on the phone. So if I don’t get in touch with him I will have to ask the kids for the rest of their money to take the orange fluff to the vet. They have a combined total of 122 dollars. I guess it is a good thing they like cats or they probably wouldn’t let me take their money. I was trying to get on line the other day and oh my god it was insane. I tried for 3 hours. NOTHING happened. SO aggravating. I want to be able to go on blogger and look at pictures and make comments. I feel like I have been left out of everything. I have a bunch of pictures to put up. I have to find my connection cable. As soon as I do I am going to put up so many pics. I have some pics of Jazper that I want to put up. I am so happy for him. He is in his new home getting the love he deserves. I know that Morgen is taking great care of him. He I believe was ment to have this kitty. There was some kind of divine intervention going on here. There was more I had to say but I just can’t remember. If I think of it later I will let you know.


3 Responses to Today is the day!!!!!

  1. Karen C. says:

    The pictures are adorable and I’m so glad the little fluff to her new home today! Did you mean you were going to take the black and white one to the vet? Or does the little orange one have to go back again?

    I hate to be so suspicious of people, but do you think Joe’s capable of putting poison in the food? I sure hope not. It’s more likely that he’s trying to do something that would look like he was a good guy so you’d take him back.

  2. Barbie-Lou says:

    That was the first thing that I thought of. I would hate to find out he poisoned my future kitty. I sure hope that’s not what’s going on. I don’t trust a man who hates cats.
    The pictures are adorable and I hope you have a safe trip to New York. I’ll give you a call on Saturday.

  3. First, I saw the picture of Morgen and Jazpur together. My first thought was they look like old, old friends. I thought they were just meant to find each other, somehow and they did.

    I am with Barbie-Lou 100%. I would not/could not trust a man who didn’t LOVE cats. He’s doing that just to get you back.

    We’ll have to tell Karen C to get Danielle on our list for Challenge donations. If you want to know about the Challenge, go to either Grr, Midnight & Cocoa’s blog or Missy & KC’s. You don’t have to donate a lot to play, either.

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