Oh waht a night

I had a night that was not the best. I can’t say too much about it unfortunately. I can tell you I am super tired. I am going tomorrow and I am going to meet Christina of Harmony Pillows. She is in an arts and crafts event in the town she lives. I believe that is what it is. I am  really excited about that. I was also told there is a lady named Deb that lives in CT. Her kitty is Eclair. Well she wants to help with the kitty convoy. YAY!!!! This is exciting. I have yet to talk with her but I did speak with Kate. We are hoping to get her new kitty to her Friday the first. We just have to all figure out what is good. Well I have lots to do so I have to go for now.


One Response to Oh waht a night

  1. have fun tomorrow and give Christina a hug from us!

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