Ok I have found out some of the sexes of the cats. It turns out my neighbor knows. The kittens are girls. He thinks that one of them (the big one) is prego. I also found out the grey is a fixed male and I think he said the black one is a girl. The one who is sitting all by itself on the step is a female who happens to be the mom. I had to bring my son to the doctor today he was having pain in his knee. He couldn’t put it straight. He had to go have x-rays. They were fine. He also had blood work. We won’t know about thatg til tomorrow. I also found out there is another male kitty that is the same size as the kittens. He is the dad but I’ve never seen him. I also was told the kittena aren’t as young as I thought. I will find out for sure on Monday. I can’t wait. I received the money that everyone has donated. I want to say a BIG HUGE thank you to everyone. Also for the birthday wishes. I will get back to you later on. THANK YOU!!!!!!


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  1. whoa! it DID post 4 times. we only saw 2 earlier when our Lady talked ta you on the phone

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