Your help is needed

Well I got home and there were four fish that didn’t make it. We brought them to the pet store along with a sapmle of the water. We have low PH and high nitrate. We are going to be fixing that. After it is all better we will get more fish to replace the ones we lost. We still have a wall sucker, catfish and a newt. We lost one wall sucker and some other fish I can’t remember what they are. I will find out later and let you know.

 Now for the helping part. There is a link for Grr,Midnight,Cocoa they are kind enough to post about the kitties that are currently at my house. The bad part is they have to leave. I would much rather they stay. I like them lots. Unfortunately it is not my decesion. There are somethings I can not control. Who knew? The whole thing is these kitties need a loving place to live. They ultimately need a furrever home but if you can even foster that would be so wonderful. You have to stop and think about the kitties. They didn’t do anything to deserve the life they have. All they want to do is give and get love. If you can help please email anyone. My email is please help.


One Response to Your help is needed

  1. all the kitties and their people are being very helpful – we’ll get these sweeties taken care of!

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