Oh geez

Ok so last night my son had a project to do. We got the information on Tuesday. I was under the imoression that it was due today, so was my son. So we get home about 8:30. We started making a tipi. We worked until 11:00. It was complete. It is not the best looking thing. It is made of pretzels, fluff, marshmallows, fruit by the foot and cake mix.  There was such a big mess. It was fun. Well anyway, I figure I would drop it at school. I didn’t trust it on the bus. I bring it to his classroom. His tearcher informs me that it is not due until the 17th. We stayed up til 11 working on it. She was impressed though. I got an “A” I wonder what he will get. She is going to give him the option of redoing it if he wants to. I don’t care if he does. That would be fine with me. I took pictures of it but I left my camera at home. I will have to get them on the computer. It wasn’t too bad looking. The best part is after they are done he can eat it. 

As for the cat issue. My mom was so releived for my cats to be gone. There are two others there already. One of whom ran away for three months because of my boys. About two weeks after we moved out she came home. I would love fro her to take them. I do belive Jake is scared of the things in the basement. We have the oil tank, two water pumps, washer, dryer, and a hot water heater. He is not used to any of that. He never went in the basement at my moms. Spot on the other hand made himself comfy on the hot water heater. I am just really wanting to get that dog house and get it all lined with fleece.  I think Jake is a real fraidy cat. We have this little kid house thing he’s scared of that to. I tried putting one of the kids old jackets in there. He didn’t care. I think if I get an old couch and put it in the basement make it seem more like a house he would take to it better. I am just going to have to try to do everything until I find something he likes. Well I should start working now. Talk to you all soon.


3 Responses to Oh geez

  1. Karen C. says:

    I’m concerned and I don’t want to say anything that might be inappropriate, because you’re a very sweet lady and my friend, but…
    On your old Venter’s site (8/22), you wrote the following:
    “Well Joe just never has liked cats but he will deal with mine because its a package deal. I don’t go anywhere without them.”
    Here’s my question, which may be none of my business, but here goes…
    You are obviously upset and concerned regarding the cat situation. Jake is obviously not happy. Why are you allowing a man to make you and your animals so unhappy and uncomfortable? What happened to what you said in August? This is MY OPINION ONLY, but if he really cares about you, why wouldn’t he support you and what you want (taking care of the kitties you love)?

    I’m not trying to attack, but I don’t understand the situation and it worries me. I only say this because I care.

  2. Hi Danielle,
    I hate to say anything and not just mind my own business, but I have also been concerned. Mostly about Jake, because I know how very much you love him. He is sort of a “mommie’s boy” anyway. Spot is a bit more independent.
    And I would not attack either, just trying to understand. I know, walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.
    We care a lot about you! We can help find homes for Jake and Spot, just don’t want it to be a decision you can’t un-do later and regret.

  3. kats2boyz says:

    Hey girl. I haven’t visited the site in a few days…Sorry! I have to say though, as your fuzz sister…I too agree with Karen and ML. You’ve been thru so much with Jake. I didn’t say anything before, and maybe I should of. I care about you and am just concerned for you and your family.

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