Today is?

November 29, 2006

I can’t even tell you what day it is. I am pretty sure it is Wednesday. Well anyway… I gave the little ball of orange fluff a bath last night. Oh wow. They way she acted you would have thought I was really hurting her. She was trying really hard to get out. There were a few seconds where she sat still though. I was unable to get pictures until she was wrapped in a towel upstairs. I also got a few of her playing. She is so much softer and smells pretty. I am going to give her another bath tomorrow because after the first one I saw a flea. So I am going to get flea killing shampoo. I did only see one though. I gave her a bath in the sink. I would like to know if you think I should try the bathtub next ti


Tough A** Tortie Tuesday

November 28, 2006

steves-cat-169.jpgI know we are not torties but we are trying. steves-cat-077.jpg This is Casper.  steves-cat-098.jpg   This is the “toughest” picture of Spot. He is so not tough.

I am happier now

November 28, 2006

I have finally stopped crying. I am so grateful and happy for Morgen and his family. I was sent pictures (no blogger at work) and started crying again. I can not express how happy I am for all of this. I am also taking the little orange fluff to the vet on Friday and after that we will be bringing her to her new home! that is exciting. I know that i will be crying again for that. I picked her up to give her meds last night. She is really good about that but likes to get down right away. Well I forced her (not hurting her) to stay for a while. She ended up coming and laying on my chest. I was in heaven. She is SO VERY playful. She was just attacking the toy and going nuts. Having a blast. I let Jake into the bedroom and she wanted to play with him. She gave a little meow to him as to say “hi wanna play?” but Jake is not into that. He was not thrilled about someone else being in “his” room. The kitten didn’t mind his growls. She wanted to play. It was really really cute. I was trying to go to bed at about 11 last night and all I could do was concentrate on the playing kitty.  I tried to get video but it just didn’t work out that way.  There might also be a home for the black and white fluff butt. I am not 100% sure just yet though. So I will not say too much about that. I am just going to pray on it. I would also ask that everyone else does the same for me. I am excited about the orange kitty going to her new home. I am going to meet Eclair’s mom Deb. She is going to be in the cat convoy. All the people in the world of blogging cats I can’t believe how wonderful everyone is. All these people getting together to help others they have never met it is jus the best. Well I have to let Jake and Spot get their sites updated. 


November 26, 2006

I am so very sad today. I am sad because the grey cat is going to his new home. Morgen is so lucky he is getting one of the most wonderful cats I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I know he is going to a wonderful place but I am still sad to not have him around. I am also so extremly happy for him to be going somewhere he can find love. He will be safe there. I have only known him for a few short months but feel like I am losing one of my own. I am so very grateful that Morgen is taking him. I know he is in a good place. I will miss him dearly. I will write again tomorrow.

I don’t know

November 22, 2006

I am not sure what to say today. I am not feeling well. I still have so much stuff to put away. My room is on the rather trashed side. I took the kitten out of the cage and let her run around the room. She was happy. She still is on the skittish side. Not used to people. She is extremly affectionate loves the love but is still scared. I think it is mostly sudden movement. That will go away in time. She is using the litter box. I think that is great. The grey cat is also litter trained. I woke last night at 145 and couldn’t go back to sleep until 3. The time I was awake I had two cats looking for attention. It was great. Jake wanted to get out of the bedroom so I let him. He was just chilling out on the couch with no worries. We have 7 people coming for food tomorrow. It is going to be very noisy and I am going to be trying to hide most of the time. We usually end up fighting. I took some new video of the kitten. If I knew how to put it on the web I would. If you want me to email it to you let me know.  I am going to the vet tonight. I am also going to ask about a bath for the kitty. That is going to be fun. I am going to make her all pretty and fluffy and even cuter. Well have a great holiday and I will try to get on line this long weekend.

A fresh start

November 21, 2006

Well I have moved out of the house with Joe. The best part is that I no longer have to worry if me and the kids are going to be safe. The second best part is Jake and Spot are back inside YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!! I am so excited about that. Well it all started on the day he moved in. It was thursday. As soon as I picked him up to move in he stopped at the package store. He ended up getting drunk that night. He was up in the middle of the night pissing on the furniture and floor. I decided right then I was going to move out. I figure I could deal with that type of stupidity for a week. I was wrong. Friday was worse. We went to CT to gamble. The whole ride down there he was putting me down saying thigs that should not be said. He also had threatened my kids earlier that night. He had a warrent in CT and he ended up getting arrested. I was happy at that time. His boss bailed him out. We got home and he didn’t even make it in the house. He was laying across the front step puking. Finally he came in and went to the bed. He told me he wanted to have sex. I said NO WAY. I ended up sleeping on the couch. Which was fine with me. In the morning he acted like nothing happened. He went to work about 800. I thought Christina’s show was this past Saturday. I was wrong. So I went to Warwick about 1030 and didn’t go back to the house until the next day about 7 pm. I got all my stuff out in about an hour and a half.  I finally got home at about 1230 am I didn’t get to bed until 2 am. I was thenawoke by a little kitten meow. I felt bad because she was hungry an dI couldn’t feed her. She was having a ladiegardenectomy. So that happened. I got a big huge run around by Pawswatch. That was just aggravating. I ended upwasting about 50 minutes which could have been used for something more useful.  That was yesterday. I am just kinda all over the place. I also had brought another cat to have surgury. He was tested and found posotive for haveing FIV. So I am looking to see if anyone would be interested in getting a great very friendly cat named Chester. Like I said he id FIV positive. He is an outside cat has always been. I’m sure he can become a house cat with some patience and love. Anyone? I am going to look for a home for him. Now I have Jake, Spot, the kitten and the grey cat at my mom’s house. She is not happy about that but she knows that they are leaving to good homes. The kitten is living in a medium size dog kennel for now. I will let her come out and play for a while but I feel it will be safer for her in the kennel. The grey LOVE BUG is free to roam the room. Grey cat is called tiger or Tigger by ny kids. Tiger is one of the most affectionate cats I have ever met. Even more thatn Spot. He has been sleeping with me the past two nights. I try and put him on the bunk beds with the kids but just won’t leave me. I have to go and let Jake and Spot talk on their sites now. I will try to put up pictures later on. Kitten after surgury  Kittens first time on a bed


November 18, 2006

I got some good news. I am moving out of the peice of shit house I liver in with the asshole Joe. I am still going to take care of the kitties. Jake and Spot will be able to come in once again. I am not sure when I will be making the move though. I also went and got a carrier for the grey cat. It is airline approved. I also got a cage for the kitten to live in when it gets surgery. The cage was made for a small dog. I had to make sure there would be enough room for the kitten to play. I also got some treats for all of them.  I am still in desperate need of a home for the black and white fluff ball. I think if there is money left from the donations after the plane ticket is purchased I will talk to everyone and see how they all feel about an account being open for it to grow and earn interest. That way there can be an account and whenever people feel they have something to donate they can. There is also another reason. I think if there is money being saved in an acct then there will always be something for an emergency. Well That is all up in the air and it just came to me. Well I am off to bed I will talk to you all soon.