Hello world!

SpotJakeThis here is Spot (on the left) and his brother Jake. They are my boys. I am being a copy cat. I decided that I would give this a shot because I am not able to post from work on blogger. I saw that the Diva Kittty had started their site here so I am going to as well.  My work doesn’t know about this yet so I can post what I need to say. I do like my blogger the only problem I have with that is I can only do it from home. Now I can post everyday from where ever I want. I just have to figure out this site first. I will do lots of exploring.

Let me tell you what this is going to be all about. I like to vent when I need to. I created Venters Welcome on Blogger.  Then my job blocked that site. I just feel the need to have a place where I can go and bitch, moan, or just complain. I also would like peopla to be able to give and possibly get advise from here as well. I want people to be able to say what they want and not have to worry about it.  This site might have adult themes so If that offends you I think maybe you should stay away. Well I am currently at work so I will be having to go now. I will start out all new tomorrow. Hope you can get some use from this site. I will also be posting pictures. Probably on a daily basis.


4 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Kat says:

    Hey girl! I like the new site! Just don’t get caught! Hope all is well with the new house and man. Miss hearing from you on Kat’s Cat! I would love to switch my sites to WordPress, and I think you can transfer everything. DK’s mom did, didn’t she? Is it free or just a free trial though?

  2. Mumma says:

    Danielle–you turned comments off!! How the hell am I supposed to bitch and moan with the comments turned off?!? (LOL)

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I’ve missed you, kiddo!! I have a “house warming” something for you. All I need is a snail-mail address to send it to. Please e-mail me with your new address!! ~~Meowmepurr’s Mumma

  3. caspersmom says:

    Well hello there Spot and Jake, it’s so good seeing you again. Also being able to hear from you Dannielle whether you are venting or otherwise. I don’t know, with all the problems I have with blogger I might want another site also. Please lay low so you won’t get caught. Best of luck with this site.

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