October 31, 2006

steves-cat-155.jpgI wrote an email to the Diva Kitty and asked her for help. I can not find anywhere how to turn on the comments. I don’t even know how I turned them off. Well hopefully she will be able to help me. I could not get to sleep last night. I was up until 2:30 in the morning. I then proceeded to get up about 6:50. I really don’t think I got enough sleep. I wonder what could be keeping me up. I think maybe I could be stressed out a bit. I had to go to family court on Thursday and I had a lot of other things I could have done if I had gotten out early enough. I left about 11:00 and had a dentist appt. at 11:15. So that took about an hour. I then had to go to Westerly.  Takes about 30 min to get there.  Then I had to wait for the lady to show up. After that I had some little errands and was going to get my car registered. Well the boss bitch called my and wanted me to come in. I get out of work at 5 and this was at 2:40. What would be the point of going in for 2 hours? I just don’t understand. So now I have to take off more time to register the car. I came into work and basically did nothing for the two hours I was here. I hate this place.  Well lets see. HAPPY HALOWEEN!!!!!!!!!   I bet all the little people are excited about trick or treating. I know mine aren’t. I think I am more than they are. We have a tradition every year we go with the friends. Well they are not looking forward to that. We are actually going two or three times. It takes us about two to three hours. The funny part is I don’t give my kids candy very often at all. My mom just a couple months ago came across candy from last year. I don’t know why we go because the candy just sits around for a long time. I still have fun though. I am going as a ghost this year. I got some white fabric from work and all I have to do is cut some holes so I can see. I have only not gone twice in my lifetime. Why stop now? I just feel bad if there is no one at my house in case someone decides to stop.  Well that6 is enough out of me for now. Talk to you soon.


Monday Morning

October 30, 2006

Ok so it is now Monday that means the weekend is gone. I am now back at work, and I cant wait for the weekend. I am really starting to hate my job. I have been here for about three years. I used to like coming to work, but not anymore. The company has moved. I am waiting to make the move as well. I was told many different times as to when I was going to do this. The people here have no idea what is going on. They never folow through. Anyway when I finally do make the move I think my thoughts about this place will change and I might actually enjoy coming in. There are five other people here with me. There is one lady who is the boss (she stays upstairs) and there are four guys in the warehouse with me.  I can not stand any of them. I hate being here and workoing near them. On another note tomorrow is Halloween. My kids are excited about it. Well what kid isn’t. We have for the past five years gone with my supposed best friend. We are doing that again this year. We were best friends. She got into a relationship and eventually got married for the second time. The first marraige we were cool. We hung out did all that stuff. Like nothing changed. This new husband, she only calls when she needs something. That’s fucked up. Well I gotta go for now. I will be back again.

Hello world!

October 27, 2006

SpotJakeThis here is Spot (on the left) and his brother Jake. They are my boys. I am being a copy cat. I decided that I would give this a shot because I am not able to post from work on blogger. I saw that the Diva Kittty had started their site here so I am going to as well.  My work doesn’t know about this yet so I can post what I need to say. I do like my blogger the only problem I have with that is I can only do it from home. Now I can post everyday from where ever I want. I just have to figure out this site first. I will do lots of exploring.

Let me tell you what this is going to be all about. I like to vent when I need to. I created Venters Welcome on Blogger.  Then my job blocked that site. I just feel the need to have a place where I can go and bitch, moan, or just complain. I also would like peopla to be able to give and possibly get advise from here as well. I want people to be able to say what they want and not have to worry about it.  This site might have adult themes so If that offends you I think maybe you should stay away. Well I am currently at work so I will be having to go now. I will start out all new tomorrow. Hope you can get some use from this site. I will also be posting pictures. Probably on a daily basis.